Do you want to give protection to your home? You can have that now by calling our security system company.


[Cn] is the leading security system company in Los Angeles, CA. We have devoted several years of service in optimizing the security details of the many of homes in Los Angeles, CA.


[Cn] gives you surveillance systems! With our security cameras, you can see who comes and passes by your house. We have various CCTV cameras of choice! You can choose from stationary to moving ones. Plus, you can have remote controls for these cameras!


We also have burglar alarm systems! Whenever someone breaks and enters your house, all you have to do is sound the alarm. The system comes with a software which notifies the nearest help you can get.


Our security system company is known for our fire alarm system too! We have smoke detectors and sprinklers of different models. Our smart smoke detectors can distinguish smoke from a fire and respond to that. We can set them to trigger the sprinklers and prevent the spread of fire. Meanwhile, our fire alarms come in different switch types too. There are automatic as well as manual ones you can choose from.


We have lots of up-to-date devices! Now, you may ask if we can install them. Of course, we do!


Our professional installers have attained the proper skills through experience. We have a complete set of tools and they can work with them.  They can install surveillance cameras on the ceilings through our extendable ladders. And they can drill, screw in, or put up your devices without breaking them.


You can tell us the type of security system you want and your preferred devices. And we can give them to you. We can also give you the estimate of your costs.


With our security installations, we guarantee that you can rest easy at night.


Call us now at (323) 438-0250!