Telephone System Installation: Factors Determining Its Cost


Running a small business involves many responsibilities. Naturally, one of them is providing your employees and partners with a safe and secure telecommunication system. Although these days, emailing is among the most common means of communication, telephones still play a critical role, though. When you hire a telephone system installation provider, here are the factors included in the cost of your project:

Number of users. The first important factor is the number of the phone lines your business requires. Think about all of them, you will need one for the reception, as well as one for each of the sections, like accounting, HR, and the offices with multiple employees.
Number of locations. Is your business concentrated on just one location or you have several offices based at different addresses? What you should know is that the telephone system installation process for a single room with 20 employees will cost you much less than installing phone lines for 20 people located at different sites.
Telephone model. As you can imagine, today’s technologies offer a great variety of types and models of phone systems. A dependable company will present you many good options to choose from, like Intercom, Call Transfer, Speed Dial, Call Waiting, etc. In addition to this, you may request some add-on services which include Conference Calls, Call Center, Mobility, and more.
Requested training. When working with the most advanced devices, most probably, all the members of your personnel who will be using phone lines will need to pass some training beforehand. This is important so they can successfully operate with these contemporary technologies. As you ca guess, their training will add to the final cost of your project.
Annual upkeep fees. Your new phone system will need the relevant annual maintenance, of course. Your small business’ telecommunication system may need some annual repairs and replacements. Talk to your provider about this in advance.

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