Professional Advice Provided by a Security System Company

Installing a security camera in your home is extremely important, especially if you are absent quite often. Once you make up your mind about the kind of model and size you need, you will have to decide where you should have them installed. Here are some good ideas provided by a professional security system company:

Front door. Crime statistics show that the majority of the break-ins happen through the front door. That is why you have to place a surveillance camera somewhere in that area. It will give you detailed information and a clear vision of everything that moves in front of it. Also, once it is seen, any criminal will have second thoughts about whether to attempt to break in.

Side and back doors. The side and back doors of your house could also look very attractive for burglars, especially if they are dimly lit, or out of clear view. So, it is a good idea to get alarms installed there too. Please be advised that specialists will install them in a place that is out of reach for people who will want to tamper with them.

Backyard and side gate. Basically, all entrances of your home should be secured. Your backyard or side gates provide a lot of opportunities for crooks to jump over your boundaries. Place cameras and motion sensors in places where you can “see” the whole yard.

Off-street windows. You can also ask the experts you are working with to have surveillance systems or alarms mounted to any hidden windows that cannot be seen from the street. Criminals could find them a tempting place to get through.

Basement stairs. If a thief can get into your basement, they will have easy access to the rest of your house too. So, it is a great idea to mount a high-end camera or sensor pointed directly at your basement stairs, this will enable you to monitor everything that is going on in that area.

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